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Hello Divas!

 TGIF, TGIF, TGIF.... :-) :-) :-)

 I know you will probably say  I should just wear jeans and sneakers with a polo but I can't help it. A pair of jeans is the best I can do to go on a local business trip. And imagine, for those who know the hospital in Mirebalais, I had to walk in heels all day long :-) :-) :-) 

That trip was not well planned, I had a skirt on that day and was hopping to skip the ride. But just before I leave home I had to switch for these jeans. So my goal was to go for a casual chic look so I can be up to the $$$$$ deal on that day. I think I did good :-). Thoughts?


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Workflow - Floral Dress & Blazer

Hello Divas!

It's been a long time since my last post. I've been pretty so busy this week and I can't wait for the weekend to start, Sooo TIRED! I will spare you the details of my annoying week after all, this post is just about fashion, fashion and beauty....

Today's outfit is one of my favorite dresses. I like the fact that I can wear it with or without a blazer and I can wear it at work and go to a happy hour after. It's sexy and elegant at the same time. Talking about shopping, it always surprised me to see how different pieces in my closet complement each other no matter where and when I purchased them. I got the shoes from ModCloth for my 28th birthday and the handbag is from "La Bagagerie" (very old). The rest are more or less recent but then again not purchased together. Thoughts?


Would you like to know my secrets for smart shopping. Leave a comment below or email me @ irismrd@gmail.com

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PS: I am sorry but for some reason pictures came out a little blurry.


Casual Friday - Sleeveless Sweater & stripe shirt

Happy Friday everyone,

I am  happy it's Friday... I have many errands to do.  I definitely think that they should have had give us the week off (lol).

Today's outfit is very casual. People that know me can tell that I don't like wearing jeans. I find them too casual for me but from time to time I can rock it ;-). I particularly like this one from Citizen of Humanity. I love the way they hug my body and they are made of really good material. At last I love pink, so what else to compliment my outfit other than a stripe pink shirt.... Thoughts?


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Beach Bound Part II

Hello girlfriends,

I wish I could have the rest of the week off  Don't you? ;-) Unfortunately, it's time to go back to real life.  Wish you all a good day!

I love maxi skirts. Some of them are perfect for the beach. I have worn this outfit to do some local tourist. Thoughts?

Found this dress in a blowout sale and I was wondering what to do with a dress so short until then.

Happy Me, Happy World:

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Let's talk bathing suits, A Must, if you love to enjoy the sea, the sand and the sun. Swimming suits are very expensive and if you are someone who loves this kind of getaway, you will need more than one of them. I got these at a bargain price and they are made of very good materials. I love the one with the pink bow ;-)

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Beach Bound - Part I ||| Paisly Palazzo Trousers

Hello girlfriends,

How are you today? Hope that everyone is safe home and if you were affected by the tragedy that happened at Champs the Mars on the Feb 16, please receive my sincere sympathy....

For those who know me well, last time I went to carnival was in 2009. I either travel or do some local tourist activities. So sticking to my tradition, we (hubby & I) took Aby to the beach for her third time :-). We had so much fun.... Check the blog out tomorrow for more details about my holidays and what I worn.

So I left PAP in one of my favorite palazzo pants. Let us agree that these pants are a classic because if we checked our mom's wardrobe, we will find at least one of these. So I decided to put the emphasis on the royal blue (for the sea) and yellow in the trouser. I had a great time and can't wait to share some more with you.
In the meantime, did you know that palazzo pants became popular in the 60's-70's? Palazzo trousers are popular as a summer season style, as they are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather (silk, crepe, jersey). Sometimes, they may be found in wool or heavy synthetic fabrics (so you can dress it up for work). And since we are in the Caribbean, palazzo trousers and/or culottes can be worn at all time. And what else for an elegant entrance at a beach resort? Thoughts?

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How to better take care of your face

Hello girlfriends,

The first thing that one notices when you enter in a room is your face then what you are wearing and how comfortable you feel in it and at last, what you have to say. Taking care of your face, know how to dress, being confident about yourself and being smart is an explosive combo, always a winner. Talking about face skin care has nothing to do with make- up, it is all about the ritual before you put your make-up on.

You might probably think that you will need lots of money to follow these tips but hang in there, the good news is you don't need to waste money to buy expensive products to wash your face. Here's a few tips to follow to treat your face skin so it looks healthy and young all the time:

1- Avoid washing your face with harsh cleansers. Use warm (not hot) water. Wet a washcloth with the warm water and gently run it over your face. Pad dry your face with a clean soft towel (if you are not wearing a make up). If you do have make up on, use an organic oil such as jojoba oil, argan oil, coconut oil, almond oil. If you have acne or dark spot, mix it with castor oil. The oil will not only remove the make up but it will also hydrate and repair your skin. If you decide to use a cleansers, look for the label and do not use anything that has the following ingredients: sulfates, any type of alcohol or salicylic acid unless you have very oily skin and/or it was prescribed by your dermatologist. 

2- Talking about the oil cleansing option, this is the best method for washing your face at night. The oil cleansing not only removes makeup it also removes dirt, sweat and everything else without drying out your skin. Again this is by far the best treatment against acne. How to use it: simply prepare your oil blend then splash some warm water on your face, then use your fingers to rub the oil all over your face. Use a washcloth wet with warm water to gently remove the make up and the oil (Do not hesitate to repeat this process should you still have makeup on your face). Rinse your face with warm water and pad dry with a soft clean towel

3- Always moisturize your face after cleansing in the morning.While it is not recommended to put cream at night, it is highly recommended to use a moisturizer in the morning. It protects your face from pollutants, dirt, dry and hot air and everything else you'll encounter throughout the day that can damage your skin. That being said, you may need to avoid any cream that contain alcohol. So stay away from all the -ohol ingredients. Look for something organic (can be found at the wholefood market in the States). When choosing a moisturizer be sure you pick one that goes with your skin type: oily skin, medium to dry, oily skin...). Then again, if you have dry skin, coconut oil should be your best friend here. Coconut oil will make your skin looks smoother and healthier (for dry and medium to dry skin types/ Oily skin is advised to use this oil moderately).

4- Exfoliate your face at least 1 time a week (3 times max). By exfoliating your face skin you will remove the layer of dead skin, and all the dirt and excess of oil and reveal the fresh and healthy looking skin underneath. Here's the homemade recipe I use: make a scrub by mixing a tablespoon of honey and a teaspoon of ground oatmeal. Simply rub it over the dry spots in a circular motion, then rinse it off. Easy, right? Now, If you are not used to exfoliating your face you may need to consider something stronger to fight against all the buildup you have accumulated over the years before using my recipe. Look for something that has glycolic acid or alpha-hydroxy acid. Bare Minerals and France Laure (I use France Laure) have a variety of facial scrubs that have these acids. And please, do not scrub your skin with a brush or cloth and avoid harsh body scrub. This damages and weakens the skin the tip of your fingers will do just good.

Link to the Website

 5-  Think about some deep conditioning treatment.  Once a week or so, treat your face with a moisturizing mask that will help your skin feel renewed. Mix up a mask from natural ingredients, apply it over your face, then rinse it off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. My recommendations:
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 smashed banana (med to dry skin)
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 smashed avocado (dry skin)
  • 1 tablespoon grape seed oil, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 tablespoon milk (all skin type)

Also, always remember to drink plenty of water, eat well or think about taking some daily supplements in case you have a bad diet. The tips above goes for all skin type from dry to oily skin. Wondering how to keep your make-up on with an oily skin. Follow me by email to receive notification on my make-up tips post coming up soon.

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Carnival to everyone!


P.S.Do you need tip on how to know what's your face skin type is? if so, please comment below. Also, remember that your face skin type may be different from the rest of your body.


Black & White ||| Turtle neck & Vest

Hello Divas!

 Hope you had a good week. I am good and so happy this week finally end. I've been having some challenges to fix my hair this week after that my hair appointment was cancelled on Tuesday due to the political situation. However, I managed to photoshoot today's outfit. Even though today is Friday I pay a little more attention to my look due to an important meeting with a VIP. So I had to check in my closet what was the best outfit to go with my bun. And guess what? What else looks better with a bun than a classy turtle neck with appropriate eyewear. I decided to match it with a vest, a classy and edgy look. I think I managed pretty well with the perfect pair of shoes (black snake skin) and my statement piece, my burgundy handbag from Ivanka Trump. . There are so many ways to wear a vest and you can never go wrong with turtle neck shirt/blouse... Thoughts?


Have a nice weekend &  thanks for stopping by. 


The Fashionista Momma

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